Roman's first school pictures

In mid-October, Roman's day care center, Common Ground, brought in a photographer to take school pictures. Below are Roman's pictures plus a picture of everyone in his room (the Happy Hatchlings Room).



The people in the group picture are (teachers' names in all caps):
Front Row: SUSIE, Darla, Charlotte, Roman, Brian, Katy, Jordan, AZIZA
Back Row: PILAR, Malik, Fisher, RHIANNON, Olivia

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Roman at play, Fall 2002



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Roman eating solid foods

This week, Roman started eating solid foods! Actually, "solid" is not the most accurate description. His first meal was 1 part rice cereal and 4 parts formula. While he hasn't quite got the hang of swallowing yet, he seems to like the taste, and opens his mouth wide as the spoon approaches. By the end of his first week, we were able to make a less runny 1:2 mixture. In upcoming weeks, we'll try different single grains, and then fruits and veggies!



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Wedding in the country

On November 9th, Tara and I went to the wedding of some friends, Tammy Gatchell and Randy Stine, in rural Virginia, near the West Virginia border. The wedding was held in a tiny church at the top of a hill that was only accessible by a dirt road. At the foot of the hill was a creek that we had to drive through. So after owning a Land Rover for 6 months, we finally got to take it off-road. In case you were wondering, the bridal party was escorted up and down the hill in a Humvee limo that had to be seen to be believed.

The church looked like a one-room school house, complete with a log stove in the center of the room. There was no electricity or plumbing (the interior was lit with candles, and yes, there was an outhouse behind the building).

The atmosphere made for a truly unique, beautiful wedding, and if you know Tammy and Randy, it's impossible to imagine them doing it any other way.



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Paul & Natalie's Wedding

Well, the big day was October 12: Paul and Natalie tied the knot! The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Keith Cornella, and the reception afterward was as fun a party as you'd imagine the two of them would throw.

When the newlyweds have a chance to sort through their wedding proofs and pictures from their honeymoon in Iceland, I'll put them up. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from one of our disposable cameras:



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